Currently Reading

I love to read! I also have a “bad” habit of reading four or five books at a time.

If you’re ever curious what I’m currently reading, this is an up-to-date record of the half-finished books scattered around my home.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution

About five years ago I had a very bad experience with Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). It wasn’t until earlier this year that I learned of this book by McChesney, Covey, and Hurling. I grabbed a copy largely because they convinced Clayton Christensen to write the forward for it, although I’m also curious how far my own experience with WIGs diverges from the prescription.

Designing Data Intensive Applications

I’m working through this as part of a book club with a colleague. I started reading the PDF version, but I can’t get through ebooks on a laptop/monitor so I ended up grabbing the paper copy. I’m a big fan of databases, and thus far I’ve been impressed by how much depth this book brings.

Linear Algebra and its Applications

I’m not sure its fair to say one’s reading a maths textbook, but I’ve been working through this classic introductory linear algebra text. I have a liberal arts education and unfortunately there are some large gaps in my basic mathematical skills. So, I borrowed this from my brother.

Web Application Scalability for Startup Engineers

This one is an in-depth re-read of something I skimmed through several years ago. The re-read is also part of a book club with a colleague. Although this book is rather high-level, we’re taking it slowly.